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"Путин несет ответственность за пропажу рейса MH-370" - ведущий эксперт CNN.

Это тот самый случай, когда комментарий любой степени язвительности только испортит дело. Поэтому просто процитирую (на всякий случай - целиком, а то подобные тексты имеют обыкновение исчезать бесследно):
The disappearance of MH370 AND the shooting of MH17 were masterminded by Vladimir Putin, aviation expert claims
Jeff Wise made astonishing claims after release of new report into MH17
Bellingcat probe says responsibility lies with Putin and Russian military
Wise claimed last year MH370 was part of hijack mission ordered by Putin
Suggests new report adds weight to claim Russian leader was behind both disasters
See more news on the claims against Russian President Vladimir Putin
PUBLISHED: 13:32 GMT, 25 February 2016 | UPDATED: 01:41 GMT, 26 February 2016
The disappearance of flight MH370 and the shooting of MH17 just months later may both have been masterminded by Vladimir Putin, according to an astonishing claim by an aviation expert.
US science and technology expert Jeff Wise said a new report into the MH17 disaster in July 2014 could provide clues linking Russia to the earlier disappearance of a second Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200.
Wise, who spearheaded CNN's coverage of missing MH370, made the incredible claim after the release of a report by the UK-based investigative-group,Bellingcat.
The investigative organisation used social media and other online resources to examine MH17, which crashed down in the Ukraine during a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.
It points to a Russian brigade it believes 'provided, and possibly operated' a Buk-M1 missile launcher that brought the aircraft down, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board.
The report summary suggests the military unit would only have taken the action with approval from the highest ranks of the Russian military.
It concludes: 'Ultimately, responsibility for the downing of MH17 from a weapon provided and possibly operated by the Russian military lies with the Ministry of Defense and the Supreme Commander of the Russian Armed Forces, President Vladimir Putin.'
Wise wrote that 'we don't know Putin's motive' but that based on Bellingcat's year-long report 'Putin obviously felt he had reason enough'.
Bellingcat shot to fame four years ago when it produced evidence it claimed showed the Syrian government was using chemical weapons on its own citizens.
Last year Wise suggested MH370, which went missing while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, was in fact hijacked on the orders of Vladimir Putin and secretly landed in Kazakhstan.
He based his wild theory on pings that the plane gave off for seven hours after it went missing, that were recorded by British telecommunications company Inmarsat.
Wise said hijackers 'spoofed' the plane's navigation data to make it seem like it went in another direction, but flew it to the Baikonur Cosmodrome, which is leased from Kazakhstan by Russia.
The new Bellingcat MH17 findings, he appears to suggest, adds weight to the astonishing theory that Russian president Vladimir Putin may have been behind both disasters.
He wrote on his blog: 'By this point I think the relevance of this story to MH370 should be clear.
'Within four months, two Malaysian Airlines 777s were taken out of the sky under suspicious circumstances.
'We know from the analysis of MH370s satcom system carried out by Mike Exner, Victor Iannello, Gerry Soejatman and others, that if a spoof hijacking was perpetrated on MH370 then whoever carried it out possessed an extremely high level of technical sophistication.
'So high, in fact, that the attack must not only have been state sponsored, but sponsored by a state with cutting-edge technology in aircraft systems and satellite communications.
'That being the case, if we suppose that MH370 was hijacked by someone other than Russia, then that would mean that two Malaysian Airlines 777s - of which only 15 existed out of a worldwide commercial aircraft fleet of perhaps 18,000 - happened to be targeted within the span of four months by two different major powers.
'Talk about bad luck!'
The search for MH370, being conducted in the southern Indian Ocean south west of Australia, is due to end in June this year.

Ну да, таков уровень экспертов, на основании заключений которых обвиняют Россию.

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